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George T. Davis, CWS®, CFF®

George T. Davis, CWS®, CFF®

Founder & President - Davis Wealth Management, Inc.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises from Syracuse University, Mr. Davis embarked on a remarkable journey in the financial services industry. Drawing from his experience working on Wall Street, he ventured to establish Davis Wealth Management in March of 2006, marking the genesis of his dedicated path as a financial planner, advisor, and investment manager.

With a firm commitment to independence, Mr. Davis nurtured a financial advisory practice that resonates with his values. Notably, Davis Wealth Management stands as a testament to his vision of a company that transcends product-centric approaches. It is a haven of financial guidance and unwavering dedication to his clients' best interests.

Boasting two decades of hands-on experience, Mr. Davis has honed his craft in Wealth Management and Retirement Planning, obtaining his Certified Wealth Strategist and Certified Financial Fiduciary designations. These certifications symbolize his commitment to offering nothing short of meticulous, personalized financial strategies.

Beyond certifications, it's his passion that truly sets Mr. Davis apart. His aspiration to empower his clients with comprehensive and holistic financial plans is unwavering. With an ardent belief in crafting portfolios that mirror the unique blend of aspirations, objectives, and risk appetites, he strives to steer his clients toward financial success.

Away from the world of finance, Mr. Davis finds inspiration in giving back. His enthusiasm for volunteer work with various non-profit organizations showcases his dedication to improving lives beyond the realm of financial management. In his leisure time, he indulges his love for tennis, travel, fishing, and scuba diving, seamlessly intertwining his personal pursuits with his professional approach.

This multifaceted journey stands as a testament to Mr. Davis's ethos – a commitment to excellence, an unwavering focus on client welfare, and an unbridled passion for both his profession and the pursuits that fuel his spirit. As he looks toward the horizon, Mr. Davis envisions a future where Davis Wealth Management continues to transform lives through a blend of financial acumen, personalized care, and a truly client-centered approach.